Saturday, 22 December 2018

what is WhatsApp, Everything you need to know

what is WhatsApp?Find out exactly what WhatsApp is:

WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows users, including voice messages and videos, share text, chat and media with individuals or groups.

Someone asked, "WhatsApp do you" and wondered what it was? Find out exactly what WhatsApp is, and how you can do it.
The days we should use to send as many text messages as we can to avoid emptying our mobile phone credit are gone; Phone contracts end with thousands of free minutes and texts.

Instead of using your messaging allowance, WhatsApp lets you send an infinite number of text messages, photos and videos using your phone's internet connection.

It may be part of your phone's mobile data package or by connecting to Wi-Fi; In either way, it works at a lower cost - but the person you are trying to connect with will only work if downloading WhatsApp.
Fortunately, the possibility of the person at the other end of the phone is getting bigger every day even having WhatsApp;

How to get WhatsApp :

Simply open the Play Store (for Android phones) or find Apple's App Store (for iPhone) and the WhatsApp Messenger app. It can be easily identified by the green speech bubble described in the white with a white phone handset in the middle.
It will then sync your contacts and WhatsApp will automatically show anyone in your mobile phone book.
WhatsApp is perfect if you want to send photos or videos, but when you want to get in touch with friends and family to avoid more phone bill, you appreciate it abroad.

If you connect to extra calls or WiFi signal, you can compare to the phone, and even make a video chat, you may need to turn off additional roaming off your phone's data. If the connection is good enough.
Send messages to a message

How can I send stickers on 

However, WhatsApp really comes with its own when you have to organize something big group of people.
With just a few small clicks, you can always have a conversation going on when and when to take it. I have one with my sister and mother, where we regularly update one another - no one has left the conversation, and I said, 'I'm sure I told you.
I've run many chats with groups of different groups and plans that have taken hours to hash out once are now organized in minutes. In addition, if you are growing up with constant notifications or if you are not interested in group chat, you can choose until you decide to mute for up to eight hours, for a week or a year or to return to the conversation.
Forget about your problems, come and get WhatsApp ...
WhatsApp has an appropriate system that tells you the status of your message. A tick means it's leaving your phone; Two methods have reached the recipient. When both ticks go blue, the message is read.
There's also end-to-end encryption, so no one can intercept and read your messages except people who want to see.
If you ever find yourself from your phone range, connecting to your WiFi through or through your mobile data can still connect to the Internet, which is another possibility that you will be able to handle frustration. You can not get through the order to hear the other half to turn the oven off,

So, what is WhatsApp?
WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows users, including voice messages and videos, share text, chat and media with individuals or groups.

WhatsApp has a text message between mobile phones replacing ordinary SMS text messages

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