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surprise! They have so much feelings and you're hurting them

surprise! They have so many feelings and
you're hurting them

Men have so many feelings and you are hurting them

surprise! They have so much feelings and   you're hurting them,men feeling

surprise! They have so many feelings and you're hitting them
Our eyes are narrowing, our bitter tone or they can tell us through our tears that have scattered us before we say. But men can lessen their feelings.

They do not wear their feelings in their arms but return deeper into their closures. And they may be upset about what you have done or done for a long time without ever knowing it. They do not want to start "drama" because they do this but you want to know when you hurt your person?

Woman throws that I love more than men. Women say it is a word of greeting, goodbye, and filling. But when men say it, what happened is that they remind you of how much they love you, and now have those feelings. So she wants to say it right now. So, when you say it, you've forgotten and even hanging the phone before you get the chance - they are immediately surprised, "Something's wrong?" When they say they want to connect, "I love you." And when you do not say it again, it feels like a lost connection to them.

About his weight

Men do it for one another-they can always enjoy pounds or their hair thins at any time - which does not mean you can do that. Guys pretend that his friends should not be cared for when they are entertained, but secretly they are trying to amend the problem immediately. Want to know why Because They do not want to be less attractive to you! If they ask for criticism from you then their confidence will come to an end. It can take a long time before even having enough confidence to start sex again.

Criticize him in front of others

Even if you're comfortable to argue with your friend in front of your friend or family, your friend will not! When you're thinking, "Oh, they're not afraid, they're not even listening" he feels you do not respect him. See: Nobody understands either side of the fight. And if your friends or family only catch your problem with your person, they are committed to taking sides. And your person does not want to happen.

When you call someone else there

So you do not want to be the girlfriend you need. You want to be an independent woman. Whether you and your person are breaking down, you must remember that you have resources to carry on. For this reason, you will automatically ask someone to help. Choosing a car, in a big interview, first fix the sink for emotional support, or even if you choose a friend or family member. But being in a relationship can weaken you because your person thinks they are worth you. Take it. And ask them to help.

He has criticized what wearing

It's not faith or not, men even care about their wardrobe! In fact, women are more concerned about doing so and here's why: In that day, women are more concerned with women's concerns and are proud to look in fashion and make a beautiful dress together, recognizing what men wear. They usually stick to a different style, because they are trying to send their message about what they wear. So when you criticize the person's clothing, you do not say that their garment is not strange or attractive. You're saying they are not strange or beautiful.

He broke as he did

Although they are tired of eating their own bank account and noodles cup, you should not understand. He does not notice that he can not get himself treated, and that's why he can have fun with himself. But he warns you that he will not treat you, and if you care that he does not treat you anymore, he is insulted.

Ignore his gifts

If they look for gifts in your closet, they can laugh at it, but they will feel that they do not know how to make you happy. Most of the happiness of man comes from their ability to make you happy. If he thinks he is incapable of doing or buying things that will improve your life, he will lose his purpose to be with you.

They are irresponsible to tell him

Men spend their development years trying to make their mothers better. Sure, they sometimes misbehave as children. But they soon realized that their mothers were proud of one of the most satisfying things. So, women who are proud of their lives need to be separated from them. When a person tells him he is irresponsible, it deeply cut him off. With their friends, they can become lazy, incapable and they do not have their lives together.

It is not very difficult for them. But if they look at the woman in their lives, they feel that they have failed very well. So take a while to think if it's time for a person to say he's irresponsible.

"You're always doing this"

Women with select memory may be guilty. In one instance we may be madly in crazy, every time Guy is doing that way. We'd love to say you always do this or you should never do this. We speak in perfection. And when we do this, we hope for a person as much as we do not give them any credit at any time than we did in the right way. Before you talk in perfections, dig deep into your memory: does he really "always" or "never"? Or is it sometimes?

Their "potential"

You and your partners should support each other's dreams and ambitions, but about where it stops. You can not create dreams or ambitions in one another. They are not or they are not. If one person talks about some positive initiatives that he wants to take for his career, be very enthusiastic and supportive. But he suggests a continuing path, or he suggests that he should do so, as a dangerous terrain that he feels is not good enough.

His "performance"

We do not understand this as criticism. We mean this is "the next time, try it instead" but women can accidentally tell some bad pain after sex. Men are very sensitive to their performance. Try not to speak in negatives. If you do something you really like, make sure you really tell it. They mentally note. If they really are troubling you, sex is not the best time to bring it until the right time. They then feel more vulnerable.

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